Buena Vista Cooking Club

Following the success of the past years we will now be starting again our „Buena Vista Cooking Club Classes“. Join our Head Chef Jens and his international team for some exciting culinary challenges.

This year you may choose from one of the following modules “Around the Mediterranean”, “Streetfood” and “Vegetarian Cuisine”.

During the class, Jens and his team will be happy to share their expertise with you while you will be soaking in the breathtaking view over the Mediterranean sea from our open plan kitchen. Always with as good glass of wine at hand.

800_6952After a tough day of work you will enjoy your self-prepared 3-course menu. Please feel free to also invite your partner or friend to dine with you.

For each course there is a maximum of 10 participants.

The course fee includes 1 Lila Portals Apron, a recipe booklet and your dinner.

Course & Dinner

5pm | 95€

Only Dinner

8pm | 45€

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Around the Mediterranean

From Spain to France, Italy, Greece and North Africa. We will take up traditional dishes from these countries and add a modern twist to it. “Iberico pork Carpaccio with pickled mushrooms and vegetables and tomato alioli“ or “Butterfish filet with Mediterranean herbs sauce, cous cous and Majorcan vegetables“ .



from 5 pm


“Curry Coconut Soup with crispy duck & mango wan-tan“ or “Hanging Tender with fried ginger rice balls and Azuki beans“ would be the stars on any Street Food Festival. And on your next cocktail party with friends. Join us to prepare some mouthwatering finger food, innovative dips and exciting mini-desserts. Sometimes maybe unusual but always delicious!



from 5 pm

Vegetarian Cuisine

It doesn’t always have to be fish or meat! “Pumpkin Bouillon with tofu Gyozas” or a “Almond and onion risotto with mushrooms and pan-fried Saitan” are just two examples of how delicious can be vegetarian or even vegan cuisine. Join Jens and his team and learn how to pamper your guests with a full vegetarian or vegan menu. Yes, veggie is delicious too, you will taste it.



from 5 pm