Buena Vista Cooking Club

Our Buena Vista cooking classes have become a classic. This year we were able to win the experienced top chef Emmerich Reutter to lead our cooking courses. As every year, you can choose between different topics. Together with the Lila kitchen team, Emmerich looks forward to share his love for fine dining with you. With a nice glass of wine in hand and a wonderful view over the wintry bay, they will be happy to show you what to watch out for when snipping and cooking. After the work is done, you can enjoy your self-cooked 3-course menu together with your colleagues. You are also welcome to invite an accompanying person. The maximum number of participants per course is 10 people. The participation fee includes 1 Lila Portals apron, a recipe booklet and your dinner. We look forward to seeing you!

Emmerich Reutter has been a chef & kitchen master for almost 30 years and has been living in Mallorca for almost 15 years now. During his carreer he worked for many upscale restaurants including some Michelin starred ones. He now runs his own private cooking, catering & events company. His style of cooking is characterized by depth and sustainability – “The guest should remember what he ate!”

The maximum number of participants per course is 10.

The participation fee includes 1 Lila Portals apron, a recipe booklet and your dinner.

Payment is due upon registration. For payment processing, we will contact you after registration in a separate email.

Course & Dinner

17:00 h |  125€

Only Dinner

20:00 h | 60€

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Black Box

Would you like to discover something new? Than our “Black Box” cooking class is the right place for you. There is no fixed menu, rather you are provided with a shopping cart with which you can develop your own menu. Of course, Chef Reutter and the Lila team are always at your side with valuable culinary tips.


We 21.10.2020
We 02.12.2020
We 13.01.2021
We 24.02.2021

Spanish Classics

To help you become a true expert in the spanish classics, our cooking course “Spanish Classics” gives you practical tips for perfect preparation of Paella & Tapas. Under the guidance of top chef, Emmerich Reutter, you will become an expert in those two fields of spanish classics.


We 28.10.2020
We 09.12.2020
We 20.01.2021
We 10.03.2021


Immerse yourself in the world of plant-based dishes. Learn how our top chef and his team conjure up dishes without fish and meat, which ultimately taste good and makes everyone happy. Rediscover the world of vegetables, herbs and co – be it carpaccio or tartare – you can also go vegetarian.


We 04.11.2020
We 16.12.2020
We 27.01.2021
We 17.03.2021